The Homestead Organic Farm

Certified Organic Produce and Hay

Farming in Peachland, British Columbia, we grow organic veggies and hay. 


The Homestead's CSA/Home Veggie Delivery Policy

We ask all new participants in any of our weekly veggie delivery  programs to carefully read the following document before making any purchases from our online store. These are the guidelines that keep our programs running smoothly, and you will be responsible for knowing them.

CSA --Community Supported Agriculture, which is the concept our delivery programs are based on-- is a bit different than a regular cash-for-groceries transaction. It involves mutual respect, and regular contact, between the customers and their farmers. 

Signing Up – When you sign up, a secure, online member profile is created for you with your purchase and delivery options and your account activity. You can view and edit your account, change your pick up location, payment info, or password and even place a vacation or suspension hold just by signing in to your account.

Payments – You'll be asked to pre-purchase store credit, which will be drawn down each time you receive an order from us. It’s automatic and you will get a statement by email. We do not store any of your personal or financial information on our website. Our order site is run by Farmigo and your information is stored securely by third party, secure e-commerce sites like Paypal. 

Delivery  Our delivery zone will likely expand in 2017 to include Kelowna, Westbank, and Peachland. Specifics are detailed in our online store. If you live outside our delivery zone and want to inquire about pick-up, please contact Jordan @ 250 767 6636 or

Vacation and Suspension Holds – You may put your weekly delivery on hold by logging into your account.  At any given time, you are allowed to have placed holds on three separate deliveries. A hold on the coming week's delivery must be placed  before midnight on Sunday for the coming week. You will not be charged while your delivery is on hold. For emergencies, call Jordan at 250-767-6636 or email him at 

Communications – We will communicate with you via email on a regular basis to inform you of a payment or to remind you of a scheduled pick up. Sometimes we will need to send out alerts about your order or inform you about happenings on our farm. By becoming a member of our one of our delivery programs, you are agreeing to open and read all email communications as soon as you see them since much of the information is time sensitive.

Cancellations/Refunds – If you have selected a delivery program that involves prepaid credit, you are required to use that credit before October 31st of the current season. Half of any unused credit is refundable. The remainder is not, and is not transferable to the following season.

Holiday Changes – We will give you plenty of notice about holiday date changes.

Returning Your Bags – If your veggie bags are clean enough to be reusable, we are happy to take them back and re-use them. Please refrain from including other household recyclables in the bag. Our blue bin isn't any bigger than yours. 

Privacy Policy – We do not sell, rent or give our email list, customer list or any personal /financial information to anyone. EVER! Except Santa Claus. We'll totally tell him if you return your veggie bags with other recyclables inside, and then he'll give you his tin cans in your stocking. And then you'll be sad. And Jordan doesn't want that on his conscience. See: Returning Your Bags.

Preparing/Eating Your Veggies – Not only do we grow veggies, but we eat them, too. A lot. Like, way more than you. If you don't know what do to with something in your delivery, call the Veggie Crisis Hotline at 250-767-6636. Jordan will talk you through your veggie problems.

Our Guarantee – The Homestead guarantees our produce for quality and freshness, and we pride ourselves in providing excellent customer service. If for any reason, you are not happy, please contact Jordan at 250-767-6636 or He will be happy to give you a refund or credit for any product or order that does not meet your standards. One of the benefits of knowing your farmer is that you get to complain to him when he screws up. 

Thank You! – Your support of this farm reflects your commitment to help grow and strengthen the local food network, and keep a farmer's belly full. Which makes you awesome.