The Homestead Organic Farm

Certified Organic Produce and Hay

Farming in Peachland, British Columbia, we grow organic veggies, herbs, and the odd bit of fruit for a weekly home-delivery program, the Penticton Farmers' Market, various grocery stores, and local chefs. If you're a horse or cow with a discerning palate for only the choicest Okanagan hay, we can help you out too. 




Hi Brent,
I'm trying to let my greens (salad, kale mix, macros) fill out a bit more; please weight your order towards the saturday delivery as much as is comfortable for you. As we discussed, I'll send you a fresh sheet on Thursday if you don't submit a Saturday order before then. 

Please select the day you're ordering for
Salad Greens
Each unit is 5 lb
Kale Mix
Each unit is 5 lb
Each unit is 5 lb
Roasting Onions
Each unit is 50 pieces. These will be close to, but not quite as big as, the ones I was sending for most of the season.
Hakurei Turips
Baby Carrots
Each unit is 5 lb. I'll aim to send them smaller like we talked about
Cilantro Pots
I've got nice ones right now
Basil Pots
Edible Flower Head Mix
10 cents a head. Some are entirely edible (eg. Nasturtiums) while others are for either pulling off the edible petals or just adding the whole head as a garnish (eg. bachelor buttons)