The Homestead Organic Farm

Certified Organic Produce and Hay

Farming in Peachland, British Columbia, we grow organic veggies and hay. 



Hi Brent,
I'm trying to let my greens (salad, kale mix, macros) fill out a bit more; please weight your order towards the saturday delivery as much as is comfortable for you. As we discussed, I'll send you a fresh sheet on Thursday if you don't submit a Saturday order before then. 

Please select the day you're ordering for
Salad Greens
Each unit is 5 lb
Kale Mix
Each unit is 5 lb
Each unit is 5 lb
Roasting Onions
Each unit is 50 pieces. These will be close to, but not quite as big as, the ones I was sending for most of the season.
Hakurei Turips
Baby Carrots
Each unit is 5 lb. I'll aim to send them smaller like we talked about
Cilantro Pots
I've got nice ones right now
Basil Pots
Edible Flower Head Mix
10 cents a head. Some are entirely edible (eg. Nasturtiums) while others are for either pulling off the edible petals or just adding the whole head as a garnish (eg. bachelor buttons)